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Puppy Socialization

The staff of the Val Caron Animal Hospital would like to help your puppy become well adjusted and socialized in a fun and easy way. All that is required are tasty treats or your pet's favourite toy. You'll also need some spare time and a good attitude.

Owners often think that socializing means letting your puppy get used to other dogs. This is important, however your pet will probably come into contact with more adults and children than other dogs.

Start your puppy's socialization by having what we call a "puppy party" with children you may know from the neighborhood or your relatives. Have the children play quietly and safely and always ensure proper adult supervision. Allow the children to give your puppy small treats and to pet your puppy in a gentle manner. It is also important to have adults over to the house so that your puppy gets used to other adults and loud noises. It is important for adults to approach your puppy slowly, use a calm voice and give small pieces of treats.

A good habit to get into is to bring treats with you every time you go somewhere with your puppy. While your out walking your puppy, every time you come into contact with a stranger, you can ask them if they mind taking a moment to give your puppy a treat and a kind word. Hopefully this will ensure that your puppy sees stranger as friends and not as a threat. This is also a good method in getting your puppy used to different environments. Bring your puppy to places that it will frequent, as it grows older to become familiar and comfortable with these surroundings. It is important to set up socialization visits at your veterinary clinic, groomers, pet store and boarding facilities.

In addition, you should bring your pet for frequent, short car rides, which can help prevent car sickness and a fear of traveling.  For more information, please visit Car Sickness

It is important to socialize your puppy from a young age so that your puppy grows to be confident and outgoing